Wednesday, 18 April 2018

India’s 5 Best Event Mobile App Development Services to Manage your Schedules

All the party poopers can get bored of their usual party plans every weekend. So the mobile application development companies such as Fluper has come up with few interesting applications that can actually come up with interesting plans to ward off your weekend but in a different manner. These few event mobile applications list out the best occasions taking place in and around the city to take part in with family and friends.

The top five event mobile app development services are designed specifically to help the users find an alternate way to spend some great time with the loved ones and create amazing memories.


The mobile app developer has invested immense efforts in making this particular application a success. Townscript is the one that has been awarded 4.4 stars in Google Play store for the accurate and up-to-date information on current events taking place in and around the city. Weekends need not be boring if Townscript installed on a smartphone. Events such as conferences, workshops, classes, musical concerts, marathons, college festivals, networking events, meetups, parties etc. are few events that occupy the interface of Townscript. User’s privacy and security are given utmost priority to enable a secured platform for conducting e-payments. 


Wow! A 4.2 star-rated application is here to entertain the smartphone users when parties and hangouts gradually lose their charm. Such an app offers an entirely different experience to the ones who wish to plan their weekend differently. Awesome events are listed right on the application for residents living in and outside India. Trending events such as those scheduled in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata along with noteworthy occasions in New York City (NYC), London, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Singapore, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Miami etc. can be searched here. Approximately 200+ more happening cities of the world have been recently brought under its radar. Invitations can be shared across to friends and families as well. One can do a lot more interesting stuff with this application. Download to learn further about this app directly from the Play Store.

*Events High

Google Play Store has offered 4.2-star ratings to Events High to help users find out different activities to do on the weekends. It is available across main cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai, offering something unique to do on the weekends. Within a matter of few minutes, one can explore the entire city and search for events to participate with friends and families. Awesome trekking experiences, great parties and comedy events are few such occasions that are listed in the same app for the user to find and book for him/her. It is entirely a free application development service that brings together all the events and things-to-do in a city at one singular place.


This application has been awarded 4.3 stars in the Google Play store. This app offers the perfect one-stop solution to discover events in and around the city and network with other participants from the same one.  This is one of the largest event discovery platform designed to cover events, trade shows, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and others. Professional dignitaries attending the same event can also be searched for and connected with if required.  This particular event application offer service across India as well as other nations globally such as US, Canada, Europe, London, New York, Chicago, Washington, Paris, Berlin etc.


Living in a big city can keep you in the complete haze. When events and cultural programs are taking place around you but you are busy working in the office with no idea about the fun weekends. Eventbrite can be your helping app especially for the ones who are party poopers or simply enjoy attaining different events. This particular app offers even recommendations customized based on individual’s taste and preference. This iPhone application offers different ways to spend a happening weekend and book tickets for you when needed. It also enables any user to create, promote or sell for any events and share information with those who are interested in the same.

Wrapping Up

Fluper, a top-rated mobile application development company, has gained enough experience to design applications that create a lasting impact amongst the users as well as ship millions of viewers. The company has developed quite a few event management applications such as:
  • ‘All Events’ to discover events happening near to any user’s physical location.
  • ‘Goldstar’ gives instant access to awesome events near to their locality to get the best out of the city.

The mentioned event applications are very similar to the ones designed by Fluper. So if you happen to hire a mobile app developer to design similar application then drop by:


WhatsApp on 9811214178

Friday, 6 April 2018

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Homeland to the lofty Rockies and Majestic Niagara, Canada grabs the world tourists' attraction every season every year. The mobile application development companies in Canada houses the much-needed qualities to grab clients' attention globally when their ideas need the visual display.

So, highlighting the top 10 mobile developers in Canada that have steered the wheels of innovation for their developed mobile applications.

1. Hidden Brains Infotech
Occupying the top position amongst the 10 best mobile application developers in Canada definitely requires hard work, dedication, creativity, and knowledge clubbed together. Delivering applications for major platforms to cover myriad genres is what the team of developers is really good at. Their efforts pay off in the outstanding applications they help design:
  •        WedMe
  •        Xpenditure
  •        FabAlley
  •        Catwalk 88

2. Sphinx Solution
The altering market trends create new opportunities and scope for the developers. They need to be prompt enough in acquiring expertise in such changing technologies so as to offer innovative and new contents for the clients’ applications. The team ‘inspires’ other developers to ‘innovate’ designs of UI/UX and ‘evolve’ with changing situations. The qualities that define a top mobile app developer.

Few examples of their app development artistry:
  •        VIVINO
  •        WIZZLE
  •        DAHMAKAN

3. IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd.
This is one of the top mobile application development companies ruling the competitive market of Canada for years. Time and again the company proved to be efficient in whatever application they design.

Nothing much to say since their applications testify to their app development skills:
  •    Dyrct
  •   13Step Dating App
  •   iKash

4. Synergo Group
The team of developers is dedicated to bringing effective web and mobile app solutions to meet the whims of the clients. It is a certified developer under Appfutura and won the honor of the top app developers in Canada from Clutch. Their applications are really impressive and engaging highlighting the inbuilt talent of the team of developers and designers.

5. Y Media Labs
Creating applications highlighted with innovative ideas glued together with latest technologies defines the true character of a top mobile developer. Who best can fit this description than the masterminds of Y Media Labs? They are the brains and soul behind the outstanding applications that came out of Y Media.
  •        Home Depot
  •        Credit One
  •        PayPal
  •        L’Oreal

Mobile and web development services are the forte of the dedicated team of developers working for S-Pro-io. Nothing much is required to say about the developers since they have already carved a place amongst the top 10 mobile application developers in Canada and other places.

Their designed applications might give some idea to their inbuilt development quality and strategy:
  •        Virtuoso
  •        HubSpring
  •        Moving Pipe
  •        TSO Chinese Delivery

7. Fluper
Innovation and knowledge clubbed together can create wonders. When you have a look at the applications designed by the team, you will feel the depth of the statement here. Five years of experience reflects the unique apps thus designed that owns the power to rule the app stores.
  •        GoldStar
  •        Dhanlaxmi
  •        Deliveroo

8. Consagous
The team of Consagous offers adroit, innovative and updated mobile and website application solutions. Their knowledge and grab on latest technical finds find a clean representation in the many applications that come out of their experienced hands.
  •        Clinic Fly
  •        DrCitas

9. App Studio
When ideas need the visual display, applications work best to shape them up accurately. But such tasks require knowledge, expertise, and creativity. Not every developer can master the art. Yet the team of App Studio proved otherwise. Their applications will give you a chance to think how unique a person’s imagination can be and how far their talent gives them a different shape and meaning.
  •        Bookmi
  •        PhysioTherapy
  •        iTaxi

10. Dotcom Infoway
This company offers web and mobile app development solutions customized according to the clients' specifications. Their portfolio highlights their versatility and expertise. Such dedication and efforts put together have resulted in the company finding a place amongst the top 10 mobile application developers in Canada. Their applications need special attention:
  •        News Crew Tracker
  •        WorldCard Mobile
  •        Barottas

Wrapping Up

It takes a lot of effort to develop an engaging mobile application. But it also takes a lot of research to identify the most fitting partner who is equally cost-effective and productive at the same time. Weighty words of promises do not create miracles. However, experience and knowledge do. This is what the top mobile developers like Fluper reflected in their work from time to time. They fit the honor of being Canada's top 10 mobile application development companies.  

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Tips for iOS App Development in 2018

Tips for iOS App Development in 2018

Mobile Industry comprises a considerable amount of share in the market and is evolving with the challenges along the way. Almost every activity in the cities are controlled by the devices, cant is said same for the small towns because they are just trying to get the internet for themselves first. iOS app development company started the fashion of touch screen and ample of apps were launched with it making iPhones most popular all over the world. Apple has grown to 11 versions of its phone and yet more to come. iPhone understands the language swift and the ones you have managed to master it are doing great things by coding problem-solving apps for the betterment of human lifestyle.

Here are few tips for an iOS app developers

* Get Source control for your app
This is a necessity for an individual or a team looking forward to building an iOS app. Keeping a source control for an app lets the developer keep the backup for different versions of the OS. Git repository is where the data is saved when working on Xcode.

* Read and Write the Text file
A text file is a single string or a series if string of the app data in the memory of the device. In swift, one can follow the oldest method for the same through CSV files.

* Use iPad Playground for Mapkit
An iOS app definitely requires the Map API for most of the enterprise apps and with the Mapkit it is easy to pin down local routes, artworks and setting visible area.

* Explore the Xcode 9 simulator
Xcode 9 provides a better developer experience than the previous ones such as the Full-screen view of the simulator window, recording video of the simulator, opening multiple simulators and open URLs on the simulator. So choose the latest Xcode version for designing a brand new idea based iOS app.

* Layout for the app
Auto layout by Apple makes the design of the application easy for different platforms such as the size and shape of the app automatically adjusts according to the device used whether an iPhone or iPad.

* Use markers for map Annotations
Map Annotation is a familiar word for an iOS developer who loves to develop GPS enabled apps as it lets the developer mark the place on the map. If you wish to go with the pinpointing of the location that's fine too but the iOS 11 lets you mark the location so why not move with the updates. 

* The ability of an app to read JSON files 
While using a website data for your app one should code the app to read the JSON files to use the result for meeting the objective of the iOS mobile app.

* Drag and Drop using Pasteboard
Pasteboard in iOS is used for various functions such as copy-paste data, and drag-drop. This inbuilt function of iOS enables the developer to initiate the exchange of data between the writer object and reader object. Using private paste boards will not allow the copy and paste of the data once the app is exited.


An app development apart from knowing the language used for iOS involves the collaboration of a team for the development of an icon on your device to let you function efficiently without having to deal with long lines, arguing and hidden tactics while choosing the best service or product for your need. Fluper masters in the development of iOS apps and are the stop for the business that needs a technological uplift and large audience.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Android Application Development for People with Disability

Android Application Development for People with Disability 

Some disabilities come with birth and some are accidental which can be dealt with all the solutions for the same is expensive and not for all. There is one advantage of technology developments there is always scope for innovating something useful for the people who are disabled. The mobile app development can also do a lot for these people who can have a chance of having a lifestyle like that of most of us. Most of the developers who have good experience with development are working on humanity now and using their skills to make life easier for adults and children struggling with nature's curse. 

Here are few Android apps for people with disability

1: Avaz 

This application is developed for people children who have the problem in verbal communication such as individual suffering from Autism. This application is available for iOS and Android users and the app allows the children to use symbols, voice, and pictures to develop the language skills for themselves

2: Be My eyes

This app is designed for visually impaired for their daily activities such as reading tiny dates on the products at a grocery store or recognize the surroundings. This iOS app connects the suffered from the volunteers via video who want to help them.

3: RIDBC Auslan Tutor

This app is great for people who cannot hear or speak but can see, the application allows them to learn the sign language through a video which has the meaning of the sign written beside and helps the disabled, as well as volunteer, learn Auslan to reduce the communication gap between the two. This initiative is taken by both iOS as well as android application development and is available for both the platforms.

4: Look at Me

This is another app for children suffering from Autism to help remember faces and understand moods through a video. The Android app was supported by Samsung and saw improvement among the autist users up to 60% for improving eye contact with people.

5: HearYouNow

This app was developed as a hiring aid which can be used by people who find it difficult to hear in a noisy place as the app adjusts the volume by filtering out the background noise. This app simply amplifies the conversation in meetings, restaurants, birthday parties etc. 

6: RogerVoice Caption calls

This application is used by impaired who have difficulting understanding and delivering a speech. The app captions the voice conversation in real time and the user can receive a text of what the person on the phone is talking about and the user can also reply to a text using this app.


The companies like Fluper who have a soft corner for humanity keep launching such apps in the stores to contribute their share to mankind and will continue to do so. These android apps may be difficult for them to operate but with a little help, they can use it for easing up their day to day activities to make them independent and reduce a little fear of living with Android apps.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

DIY to Keep Your Apple ID Safe !!!!

ios app development

DIY to Keep Your Apple ID safe !!!!

Apple devices are known for the security as they prefer to build the software and hardware side by side to not leave a scope for mistakes and keep it all closed for the world to use it and not exploit but due to Android making everything open sourced has attracted the market and Apple had to rethink their guidelines of keeping their resources to themselves and have started making selected methods open source to let iOS app developers grow so Has it given the hackers an access to the insides of the Apple credentials ?  Well it apple has got good brains to filter those hack attacks but we as a consumer pay enough money to have the secure device for ourselves and even though we believe in Apple's ability but the hack threats scare everyone so here are some do it yourself things you can do to keep your data safe and preventing the hackers to access your Apple IDs

Download a password manager now
The password manager is your saver as it has the ability to assign the non-crackable password for your account to make it unpredictable for hackers to replace the easy passwords. Using this manager generates the random infinite number of passwords for you that are computer generated and the hackers might get aged cracking those tough passwords.

Set up 2FA(two-factor Authentication)  
It was easy before to make transactions and even more easy for thieves to steal from you. Now every app is adapting two-step verification with a one time password for any transaction. So better set up two-factor Authentication process to make changes to your Apple ID so that it is hard for the hacker to change the settings of email id and contact even if he has successfully hacked the account.

Beware of Phishing Emails

Be a smart user and avoid falling into the trap of false emails by the hackers who send the pseudo email with same logo and font like that of Apple emails in order to extract your personal details by the click that you make in the email that is designed with some attractive offer which cant exist practically. Keeping yourself aware of such phishing emails can be a smart move from your end.

As iOS developers have been continuously giving options to secure the accounts on the app store it wouldn't hurt to take a look at some of them and understand the security methods instead of losing the entire data. So try it today and secure your Apple ID


The above is what we can pull off to save our internet data and being a tech-savvy we cannot afford to be fooled. The iOS app development might be running the research to keep our data safe alongside but smart ways to safeguard your details in the era where everything is available in the clouds and not safe. Fluper is one such mobile app development companies that make security apps for the users to install from AppStore. So don't just sit back and let the company do its job rather be alert and apply the preventions to safeguard your Apple ID.

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